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Active projects

“Voluntary Work – Community assessment and role in the establishment of the social environment”


General objectives: 

  • To help the process of building an informational society in Bulgaria;
  • To look for, find and develop the potential of young people;
  • To encourage understanding and integrity in the society;
  • To contribute for the development of public society in the country;
  • To support the development of unformal education in the country by making popular and introducing new educational forms and standards that provide the development of human resources in accordance with the changes on the labour market;
  • To help in different spheres of public life the processes of integration of our country in the European and Euro - Atlantic structures.

Target group (s): 

  • leaders of non-profit organizations, working mainly on local level with marginalized groups and using help of volunteers for realization of their projects;
  • non-profit organizations, working on local and national level on volunteer projects;
  • entrepreneurs, representative or branch unions;
  • representatives of local or regional authorities, working on social projects
  • representatives of social partners-syndicates, government (Ministry of labour and social policy, Ministry of economy) and employers;
  • members of the parliament
  • experts - sociologists, economists;
  • public society;

Target groups and target regions.

The target groups of the project are: NGOs, entrepreneurs and their organizations, local authorities, representatives of Ministry of labour and social policy, Ministry of Economy and their parliamentary committees.
The project will take place on a national level by providing a territorial balance in the conducting the project activities. Priority will be given to the role of local authorities, NGOs and entrepreneurs in order to encourage the participation of local community in the access to information, to increase the motivation for realization of small projects and the cooperation with the local administration.

Brief description of the project: 

The project will support the activity of NGO and the development of civil society by assessment of the role of volunteer work in the building of social environment, in the qualification of volunteers, its contribution in the development of the cooperation with local authorities in the joint management of social projects. It will contribute to the creation of favourable legal base for exercising of volunteer work and protecting from exploitation of labour. Organising of regional trainings, national conferences, preparing handbooks and sociological research will assist in building an active conscience and initiative of citizens, unemployed people or those on flexible working hours and will help them in their realisation on the labour force market and in the society in general. The project will include more than 400 direct beneficiaries and over 3000 users of the project materials on the territory of Bulgaria and southeastern Europe.

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