Active projects

A Charter for the cooperation between the civil society and the public institutions In the name of the social interest


The project have been implemented from 01.11.2001 to 30.12.2002. The Charter stands the main partnership areas between the public authorities and non-governmental sector, principles of cooperation, realization, funding opportunities and assessment of the cooperation-ship efficiency. In the Charter are set the rights and commitments of the both sides in their equal partnership and their common efforts for development of participative democracy. The Charter is a symbol of synergies good European practices. It is discussed in the Parliamentary Commissions and will be ratified.
It launched a large-scale nation-wide informational campaign and consultation process that will result maximum support and participation of the civil society.

International Youth Workshop Human Rights

Supported by Youth Net, the project was implemented from 01.03.2002 to 04.03.2002. The aims of the workshop were:

  • To enhance the young people awareness of human rights issues and to stimulate their participation in the process of popularisation of the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
  • To encourage young people to acquire skills and sustainable models of interpretation and free practice of human rights as an essential and natural part of people's existence.
  • To make young people acquire citizens' culture with respect to the human, social and economic rights (described in the European Social Charter) in terms of non-formal education, attracting public opinion and involvement in the process of turning these topics into matters of collective responsibility.

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