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Implemented activities and projects


Working out a marketing strategy, advertising and publishing materials for the “Youth for Europe” program - project with the National Agency “Youth for Europe” - 1998
“Financing regular monitoring on the state of environment and nature in the territory of Pazardzik district” - project signed with the district governor of Pazardzhik - from August 6th, 1999.

Establishing an initiative committee and founding a Regional Youth Council - Sofia, a joint project with the Committee on Youth, Physical Education and Sport – 1999 “The Future Generation of Leadership” - a training seminar in which took part over a hundred youth leaders from various political and non-governmental youth organizations. The seminar was realized in collaboration with the Political Academy for Central and Eastern Europe. Lecturers: Mr. Donald Simpson and Mr. Scott Carpenter.

"NATO and the Euro-Atlantic integration at the end of the second millennium. New tendencies and opportunities for young people after Washington '99". International conference that gathered 80 young leaders from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Romania. The official opening was by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign and Integration Policy of Republic of Bulgaria and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy of the Republic of Macedonia. The conference was held with the kind support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Coordinative conference of youth leaders from South-Eastern Europe working on the programs of the Stability pact and the programs of the European Union - “Youth”, “Leonardo” and “Socrates” - hosted in Bulgaria and Macedonia - May, 2000. In the conference lasting 10 days took part over 100 representatives of the South Eastern countries.

"Youth tourism and social-economic development of the abandoned regions in Bulgaria" - project of Bulgarian, Romanian, Greece, Polish and Netherlands organizations for development of the social entrepreneurship in the sphere of tourism - March 2000 "Collecting and processing information for the youth NGOs and publishing a handbook of the youth organizations in Bulgaria both in Bulgarian and English language" - project from the beginning of 2000, partly financed by the "Youth for Europe" program and further development of a dynamic data base in Internet concerning youth NGOs.

“ Regional program for financing small projects of citizens and civic organizations in South-West strategic region of the Republic of Bulgaria” financed by the PHARE program in the period 2000 - 2001 through Foundation “development of Civil Society”. After a contest there are supported 17 projects (the total amount of money that is allocated is 50 000 Euro) in four program areas: “Defending, developing and integrating the minority groups”, “Fight against crime and corruption”, “Social entrepreneurship for minority groups and youth” and “Preserving nature and environment”

“The civil sector facing the challenge of the social vulnerability; Research of the capacity of the NGO sector” - The project was implemented from 06.01.2000 to 30.04.2000. The overall objective of the project is to make needs assessment of the vulnerable groups, research of the capacity of the NGO sector and its relevance to its needs in their realistic dimension.

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