Active projects

ôVoluntary Work ľ Community assessment and role in the establishment of the social environmentö


The project have been implemented from 15.07.2002 to 15.09.2002. This is an Access' 99 macro-project supporting the activity of NGO and the development of civil society by assessment of the role of volunteer work in the building of social environment, in the qualification of volunteers, their contribution in the development of the cooperation with local authorities in the joint management of social projects. It contributes to the creation of a favourable legal base for exercising of volunteer work and protecting from exploitation of labour. Comprises organising of regional trainings, national conferences, preparing handbooks and sociological research that will assist in building an active conscience and initiative of citizens, unemployed people or those on flexible working hours and will help them in their realisation on the labour force market and in the society in general. The project target group exceeds 400 direct beneficiaries and over 3000 indirect beneficiaries of the project materials on the territory of Bulgaria and south-eastern Europe.

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First International IBERO-BULGARIAN Conference on Resources and Waste Management